Drug Establishment License

Secure Drug Establishment License for your operation.

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  • Facility Licensing
  • Drafting of standard operating procedures
  • GMP Training
  • Temperature monitoring of your facility
  • Product Testing

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Who needs Drug Establishment License (DEL)?

Drug Establishment License is required by Health Canada for companies that:

  • Fabricate drug products.
  • Package drug products into cartons, containers, bottles, blister packs.
  • Compliant labeling and marking of packaged products.
  • Distribution of finished products to pharmacies, retailers, and consumers.
  • Importation of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API) and drug products from China, India, US, Europe, etc.
  • Testing of manufactured goods in licensed GMP laboratory facilities.

What Activities do not require Drug Establishment License (DEL)?

  • Wholesale of drug products.
  • Distribution or wholesale of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API).
  • Storage of medical products.
  • Transportation of drug products.
  • Importation or compounding by pharmacist or physicians of medical products that are not commercially available for sale in Canada.

Licensing Process

1. Submit License application and associated fees to Health Canada.

2. Health Canada will process and review the application. Health Canada will examine information about the company. This may include details about the company's:

  • manufacturing processes
  • quality control procedures
  • testing methods
  • material handling

3. Health Canada will schedule GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) inspection of the facility.

4. If the application is approved, the company will be issued a Drug Establishment License that is valid for a specified period of time (usually two years). The license will specify the activities that the company is authorized and may include conditions that the company must comply with to maintain the license.

5. Companies that hold a Drug Establishment License are subject to ongoing monitoring and inspections by Health Canada, to ensure that they continue to comply with the regulatory requirements.

6. Companies are also required to report any adverse reactions or other safety issues associated with their products to Health Canada, and to maintain appropriate records of their activities related to drugs.

Health Canada Fees for Drug Establishment License Application


Fabrication - sterile dosage form






Fabrication - non-sterile dosage form















Building outside Canada (each)


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