June 11, 2024

List of Drugs for an Urgent Public Health Need

The List of Drugs for an Urgent Public Health Need includes details like brand name, medicinal ingredients, and usage. It also provides information from public health notifications, such as the foreign regulatory authority, import country, and Canadian jurisdiction. Drugs are eligible for import and sale for one year, subject to renewal and ministerial discretion.
June 8, 2024

Health Canada Regulatory Plan for 2024-2026

The Forward Regulatory Plan for 2024 to 2026 outlines Health Canada’s upcoming regulatory initiatives for the next two years, which will be published in the Canada […]
May 1, 2024

US Administration Aims to Reclassify Marijuana as Less Dangerous Drug

US administration is aiming to reclassify marijuana as a less dangerous drug, proposing a shift from its current Schedule I classification alongside heroin and LSD to […]
April 11, 2024

Health Canada Recalls Multiple Medical Devices Including One That May Cause Death

Health Canada has issued recalls for multiple medical devices, flagging concerns over potential risks to the most vulnerable patients. One such device under scrutiny is the […]
April 3, 2024

Federal government announces $560M in funding for health and long-term care in Saskatchewan

The federal government has announced $560 million in health-care and long-term care funding for Saskatchewan. This funding, provided through two bilateral agreements, aims to support improvements […]
April 2, 2024

Health Canada Enacts A Policy To Enhance Transparency And Accessibility Of Drug Products

This landmark initiative mandates the publication of comprehensive details pertaining to all “approved (but not marketed)” products within the expansive Drug Product Database, now conveniently accessible […]
April 16, 2023

Government Of Canada Seeks Input To Further Reduce Tobacco Use

“More than 46,000 people in Canada die because of tobacco use every year; one Canadian every 11 minutes. These are our friends, family members, and neighbours. […]